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Over 20 years of experience in the field

3d modeling software

CNC automatic cut and drill machines for plates and beams to assure precise and speed

Processes adaptability for the different jobs requirements

Self-sufficient company in engineering, manufacturing and transport processes


Specialized parametric 3D modeling software to visualize possible construction conflicts

Specialized software for the administration processes involved in structural steel fabrication with interface modeling software

With STRUMIS we optimize materials and we can identify exactly in which fabrication stage is every piece of the project

With these tools we reduce human intervention from modeling process to fabrication, minimizing human error margin.



We have a wide infraestructure that allows the developmment of large scale projects.

Tower Cranes: 2 tower cranes of 8 ton capacity with 55 meters scope and 200 meter high. 1 tower crane of 6 ton capacity with 55 meters scope and 200 meter high.

Cranes: Over 15 cranes from 10 ton to 90 ton capacity

Hydraulic elevators: Multiple elevation equipment both scissor and arm type

Trucks: 4 Kenworth trucks 25 platforms of 45’ 3 platforms low-beds of 45-60 tons 4 platform trucks of 50’ and 20’.

Over 6 lift trucks from 4,000 to 30,000 pound capacity

3 CNC Peddinghaus Plate duplicator of 150 ton capacity

1 CNC Peddinghaus automatic beam drill with saw

2 CNC automatic Beam Punch Line with drilling and cutting

2 Guillotinas 1/2 X 10'. 

1 CNC plasma pantograph of 150 amp and a 8’ x 20’ table

1 CNC plasma pantograph of 200 amp and a 17’ x 40’ table

1 CNC plasma pantograph with 2 torches of 600 amp each and a 20’ x 40’ table

1 Kaltenbach plate process center with 2 heads with the capacity to cut, oxicut and drill at the same time

6 CNC vertical machined centers

2 CNC horizontal machined centers

2 Ironworker of 100 y 200 ton capacity.

2 threading machines up to 2-1/4” diameter capacity.

6 programable mouse type CNC pantographs

2 semiautomatic submerged arc welding machines

15 combustion welding machines

25 semiautomatic roll welding machines

1 radial drill up to 3-1/2” diameter and 10” thickness capacity

2 Nelson bolts with doble guns installing machines

6 tension controlled screw torque

4 painting pressure equipment

Generator of 60 kVa, 75 kVa and 125 kVa


3D modeling and workshop drawings with specialized programs

Kaltenbach plasma cut, oxicut and drill equipment connected with STRUMIS fabrication control software

Submerged arc, micro-wire and tig welding processes for every kind of material.

Plate drilling up to 1-1/4” diameter with CNC and up to 3-1/4” diameter with solid drill

CNC horizontal, vertical, lathe and EDM machined Specialized concrete drills and anchors

Anchors fabrication

Crane rent from 10 ton to 90 ton capacity


51,000m2 of property with 7,500m2 workshop (4 production areas of 14m x 80m each one with 3 self-propelled 5 ton capacity cranes)

Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas 4530
Ejido Islas Agrarias A
Mexicali B.C. Mexico C.P.21600
Tel: 01 (686) 8399900


30,000m2 of property with 4,600m2 workshop (2 production areas of 1,800m2 each one with 3 self-propelled 10 ton capacity cranes)

Provincia San Jose 397
Rincon De Los Arcos
Irapuato, GTO. C.P.36633
Tel: 01 (462) 6332324 | Cel: (462) 118 6870

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